St. Helena Parish Physical, Cultural & Historical Features

Note 1: The Cultural Feature "Locales" can be very helpful in getting oriented in a new community.
Note 2: Links for Local Area Search and Driving Directions are below each feature map.

Physical Features
Lakes 1
Streams 95
Cultural Features
Airports 3
Buildings 17
Cemeteries 60
Churches 61
Civil 15
Dams 5
Hospitals 1
Locales 3
Oilfields 3
Post Offices 1
Reservoirs 4
Schools 10
Historical Features
Churches 1
Post Offices 16
Schools 5
  • Physical Features are the natural features of the Earth's surface.
  • Cultural Features are landscape features that were created or shaped by humans.
  • Historical Features are features that no longer exist on the landscape.
  • Historical Landmarks: Louisiana's National Historic Landmarks